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Let me show you around the lounge of the Liberated Life Coach. (Although I wish we could share a gorgeous cheese board and a bold glass of red!)

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I’m Nicole Marshall Concha (she/her)

the Liberated Life Coach

I’m fat, I’m fierce, and I’m flipping off diet culture, one changed mind at a time.

I’m a therapist-turned-coach with 20 years of combined experience in trauma therapy, family and group counseling, child welfare, social work, nonprofit leadership, and disordered eating. As your Liberated Life Coach, I’m also skilled in Health at Every Size®, Intuitive Eating, Body Trust®, and Internal Family Systems.

Like you, I used to think that once I was in a smaller body, I would finally start to feel happy. I was desperately waiting for my life to begin – until I learned to change my mind about what was possible for me, exactly as I am. Now, it’s my passion to help you experience the same thing.

In addition to being a coach, I also have lived experience as a fat woman, a mother of two daughters, and a person living with and recovering from anxiety, disordered eating, body image struggles, and grief and loss. (I’m also an all-season hiker and travel-loving vegetarian foodie who is always on the hunt for the best pizza around.)

So let’s cut through the BS together, shall we? Diet culture is an insidious, shapeshifting demon that thrives on sneak attacks and fighting dirty. You will never see any of that catfishing here. Rainbow dragons are my spirit animal and I am ready to slay all day.

I’m so grateful you’re here.