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We are living in an aggressively anti-fat world.

Sizeism continues to be an acceptable- and in most states, a perfectly legal- form of discrimination. And while many organizations have made steps toward advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in their workplaces, virtually no one is talking about sizeism, fatphobia and bias based on weight. Even the most capable and experienced DEI consulting firms are completely overlooking it.

As someone who worked in nonprofit leadership for almost two decades, I understand that fostering a thriving workplace culture is key to achieving long-term success. I also know first-hand that anti-fat bias negatively impacts not only large-bodied individuals in the workforce like myself, but also the companies that employ us. Fat folks are routinely left out of career opportunities, decisions, and advancement, are wrongfully terminated at higher rates, and fat women are earning less than thin women- who are already earning less than men. Organizations suffer through employees’ loss of motivation (quiet quitting), reduced productivity, and higher healthcare costs as a result of the harmful impacts of bias.


So what can we do about it?


While I do a lot of this work with individuals, body liberation extends beyond personal journeys; it’s also about creating welcoming and safe spaces, including the workplace. Through my corporate consulting, training, and speaking services, I advocate for professional environments that celebrate and embrace body size diversity, recognizing the importance of a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace for the well-being of both your employees and your company.

This is a call to action for:

Organizations to create and foster workspaces and office cultures that are safe and welcoming for all, including employees on the higher end of the body size spectrum.
Individuals in leadership positions to make necessary changes in your workplace.
Colleagues in smaller bodies to become allies and use your privilege to support your peers in larger bodies.
Fat folks to confidently take up space at work and insist that others take notice of our value, worthiness, and contributions.
Every employee to champion a workplace that acknowledges the importance of diversity in body size and uplifts and empowers every individual.
All to exist proudly and unapologetically in your body, with an expectation of equitable treatment and respect.

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DEI Workshop

Taking Up Space in the Workplace:

Why Body Size Diversity Has to Be Part of Our DEI Efforts

Many organizations have committed to making Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) part of their business strategy, in part in response to the larger conversations about race. But even as we take this necessary step forward in our new cultural landscape, there is one marginalized identity that is consistently overlooked and a form of discrimination that continues to be acceptable.

This unique and interactive training focuses on body size diversity, adding a necessary component to your company’s DEI efforts and tackling difficult conversations with care. It examines sizeism and its impact in the workplace, the broad and harmful impacts of diet culture, the ways in which anti-fat bias negatively impacts not only large-bodied individuals in the workforce, but also the companies that employ them, and what we can do about it, both as individuals and as a community interested in advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for everyone.


We’ll cover:


Diet culture and weight stigma


Fatphobia and its intersectionality

with racism, colonialism, and ableism


How bias and discrimination

show up in the workplace


Inclusive versus exclusive language




Practical ways to create a more inclusive workspace

Ready to challenge your team

and enhance your DEI efforts?

Let’s start dismantling the stereotypes, stigmas, and biases that harm both employers and employees. I want to help you cultivate a workplace culture that promotes empathy, understanding, and respect so every individual can realize their potential and contribute to the success of your organization.


Standard: $800
Non-Profit Organizations and
Fat-Owned Small Businesses:

Speaking Engagements

Dynamic and thought-provoking keynotes to enhance your DEI discussions 

My commitment to DEI and body liberation extends beyond rhetoric; it is ingrained in every aspect of my services and my life.

Ever since I had my own a-ha! moment, I knew it was my mission to empower folks to develop their own balanced relationships with food, their bodies, and themselves. This work has revealed how essential it is to reach beyond the individual and contribute to social justice.

From energizing team meetings to large conferences, I am ready to spark enthusiasm and drive positive change within your group or organization. My presentations and keynotes prioritize the critical yet often overlooked topic of weight stigma and sizeism as part of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion umbrella. I offer insightful perspectives, engaging dialogue, and actionable strategies to dismantle harmful stereotypes and promote genuine acceptance of diverse body sizes. 

Ready to reshape the narrative and advance inclusivity?

Whether you’re a corporation, educational institution, or community organization, let’s empower your audience to challenge societal norms, cultivate empathy, and foster environments where every individual feels valued and respected.


Individualized per the needs of your organization or event. 

Equity pricing is available for non-profit organizations and fat-owned small businesses.

Corporate Coaching and Consulting Services

Strategic Guidance for Inclusive Excellence

In the ever-evolving corporate landscape, investing in your team’s personal and professional development is crucial. Through compassionate consultation, education, and coaching, I help leaders understand the unique needs and experiences of employees across the size spectrum to create a more supportive and inclusive culture for all.

Weight Stigma in the Workplace: A Specialized Focus

Recognizing the importance of tackling weight stigma as a critical aspect of DEI efforts, my consulting services delve deeper to create a more understanding and supportive environment for all body sizes. I work closely with your organization to identify and dismantle weight-related biases, fostering a workplace where individuals are judged based on their skills, contributions, and character rather than the perceptions associated with body size.

Tailored Solutions for Your DEI Goals

This is not about a standard, one-size-fits-all How-To manual. I collaborate with your team to understand your organization’s unique challenges, aspirations, and values. Whether you’re initiating DEI efforts or seeking to enhance existing programs, I provide strategic guidance and customized solutions to develop and implement effective policies, training, and leadership approaches.

Creating Lasting Change Through Education and Awareness

Addressing weight stigma requires a multifaceted approach, including education and awareness. I offer workshops, training sessions, and resources designed to educate your team on the impact of weight stigma and empower them to be allies in fostering an inclusive workplace. Through open dialogue and targeted interventions, we create an atmosphere that champions diversity and rejects discriminatory attitudes.

Ongoing Support for Sustainable Transformation

Achieving lasting change in organizational culture takes time and dedication. My consulting services extend beyond initial assessments and recommendations. I offer ongoing support to ensure the successful implementation of strategies, regular progress evaluations, and adjustments as needed. Together, we work towards creating a workplace that embraces diversity in all its forms, including body size, and actively combats weight stigma.

Ready to start the process towards a more inclusive and equitable workplace? 

Let’s discuss how my Corporate Consulting Services can empower your organization to build a culture where everyone feels accepted, respected, and free from judgment based on their body size. Together, we can create an environment in which diversity of all kinds is championed as a competitive strength.


Individualized per the needs of your organization or event.
Equity pricing is available for non-profit organizations and fat-owned small businesses.

I’m Nicole Marshall Concha

I can’t wait to meet you.

⧫ Liberated Life Coach
⧫ Anti-Diet Advocate
⧫ Mama of Daughters

I’m a therapist-turned-coach with 20 years of combined experience in trauma therapy, family and group counseling, child welfare, social work, and disordered eating. As your coach, I also bring expertise in Health at Every Size®, Intuitive Eating, Body Trust®, and Internal Family Systems to our work together.

I also have lived experience as a fat woman, currently in active recovery (because it really does last a lifetime) from disordered eating and diet culture, and managing my own anxiety, grief and loss. I am the mama of two young daughters, a role that has energized me more than anything else to do everything I can to spread the anti-diet and fat liberation messages, not just in our little family bubble, but into our surrounding community and beyond, with them, through them, and on behalf of them.

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True well-being includes making connections, doing work that is meaningful, feeling fulfilled in your life, and pursuing what really, deeply matters to you – not losing your precious energy and time trying to change your body.

But it’s not your body that needs any changing at all – instead, with support and new tools, you can change your mind.